Thursday, April 02, 2009

Testosterone Central

As part of my campaign to avoid my work, I agreed to help translate for a student workshop and concert at KNUA, where a New Zealand percussion group came to teach and perform. I basically roamed around on stage taking pictures and holding a mic under my arm instead of using it while translating. Good times. There were things like this foot pedal all over the stage and I thought I was going to pass out from percussion gear overload.

It turned out that the students were first-semester music undergrads, which would account for how cute they were. It's always fun to see the new crop at music school; trying to predict who will "make it" always keeps you occupied. The auditorium was cozy; it was a shame that there weren't more people to enjoy the show (though one of the people was an actor on a popular Korean drama here; we chatted over the weird pizza lunch with bananas and muffins for dessert). But STRIKE will be performing all weekend at COEX for part of a big New Zealand event here in Seoul, so for any fans of high-energy pyrotechnic drumming, check it out!

Though it was a big time and energy suck, it was worth it to be around so many members of the opposite sex. Upon arrival, I walked into the percussion studio with Melissa, and almost fell over b/c I walked into a wall of testosterone. Going to the stage after that was like getting an even stronger dose since it was men + equipment. I enjoyed myself immensely. I had plans to go to the bath house afterwards, but was so spent that I just headed home for a nap and laundry before seeing Katherine and Kelsey for dinner, who can now confirm my inability to talk about anything but boys lately. I can't guarantee when I'll get some serious work done, but I'm thinking maybe this weekend.

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