Saturday, April 04, 2009

Being taken care of

I went to my dyeing class after a week away and felt guilty b/c I won't go back for another week (unless there is some miraculous opening in my schedule). My teacher and his wife are so good to me and so incredibly generous. They feed me amazing lunches when I go and love that I eat so much. Or, that I can, and that I enjoy their food. She packed up some homemade white kimchee for me to take home today.

It's excellent timing, since I've been trying to take better care of myself. It's only been about 30 hours, so no guarantee that it will stick, but I've managed to fit in an hour of core yoga, qi gong, meditation, getting fresh produce and cooking, and taking the time to prioritize my workload and then just DOING it. I've gotten through about 100 cords spun today while watching endless TEDTalks (ranging from military robots to skeletal muscle and cancer to castrating lambs). My dream is to have the ENTIRE batch that I cut down done by tomorrow night. Probably a stretch, but I'm going to try. Even though I have over 300 ready for my Wed class and only need 200 to start my next project.

Today's dye was cochineal. Hooray! Gorgeous stuff. I also managed to do almost everything on my to do list (the one item I didn't do is the one I've been putting off for months now). I talked briefly with my sister about an alumna lecture she went to by a Wellesley prof, and loved the research. It's about defensive pessimism, and I totally fit the bill by her standards (I took the quiz). So it makes me feel better about my anxiety and coping mechanisms. Funny timing, too, since I was just trying to switch gears and change my tactics for this month. Not that I won't make the changes, but it's good to have more information on what's really going on in my very busy head.


  1. It's like the bricks all over again. How many cords do you need? I can't wait to see all this in person. You will show off everything, right?

  2. not only that, but you might have to come w/me to a lesson...if my teacher is okay w/non-koreans in his home! hahaa.


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