Sunday, April 05, 2009

The look of labor

Julie shocked me today when she told me that her home (where she lives w/her parents) has no signs of a sewing machine. I didn't realize it was ridiculous to assume that every household has one. This one was in a cafe where all the chairs are different from each other. We left once someone started smoking inside.

It was SO nice to catch up with Julie and pig out over an overly cheese-y yet delicious lunch. I didn't realize that I had seen her on the very day I met the person who has become my current pre-bf. So it was pure hilarity to get her up to speed, b/c I certainly did not think that highly of him before meeting him. She also pleased me immensely with these pieces that she's been making by hand that I adore.

Meanwhile, the one task on my to do list that I didn't do yesterday is still untouched, BUT! I finished spinning!! At least, I finished all the paper I cut down. Which means I did 305 cords this weekend. Now that I'm not spinning so tightly, it goes faster and doesn't hurt my hands as much, though my forearms are still sore. I am ready for a new piece! And a couple days ahead of schedule. Hooray. [These are 611 2-ply cords, somewhere in the vicinity of 200 1-ply undone cords, and all of the trims off of my pee pot cords undone.]

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