Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What we did on Tuesday but were too tired to share

Good lord. This trip has been intense, packed, but great. Tam and I tried to take the morning early on Tuesday, then went for a sub-par buffet lunch at an "Italian" place. Then we took a bus and climbed to the cable car to get to Namsan Tower.

We waited for the martial arts performance to begin, and then scrammed once the storm clouds got closer and closer. We scampered down the mountain and got ourselves out to the city, just in time to hit a bank and have Tam charm the dude who exchanged her dollars before closing.

[These are lanterns, not men.] After kind of killing time at Seoul Station and then in Myeong-dong (a crazy shopping area), we rode south of the river to kill more time at a cafe and then meet my cousin and his wife for dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

You know how they say that you learn things about friends while travel that you'd otherwise never know? Tam learned about my proclivity towards eating ginormous amounts of food quickly. But it was so good! [We forgot our cameras; that above is NOT dinner. Just Tam's shot of "meat on a stick" in a Family Mart.]

We went back to their place after dinner so that they could help find things online re: veggie places to eat, touristy / pretty / close places to visit outside of Seoul, and products I needed to get online (like a new external HD and a ceramic knife). They are awesome. I love them so much and am so happy to be related to them and to have had this time in Korea to get to know them better. The baby is due this summer, which I'll miss, but hopefully I'll get back to be able to see them more often in the future.

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