Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Yikes. Just when I was feeling like I was getting a handle on my workload, I get buried in work. My lesson today was good, but I got double the info b/c I challenged my teacher (we had a plan for the 2nd piece and I found out today that the plan had changed and I disapproved. But after he convinced me that the new plan was better, he then showed me how to make the piece we were supposed to do. Agh! Too many trade secrets all at once!). Now I have notes from meeting the hanji artist yesterday and today's notes, none of them transcribed into my computer yet. Yeeeee.

I went to see family friends tonight and got a lecture about boiling my water and how it will help me find a husband. I think that that, on top of a long commute home, is going to seal the deal: no more work tonight. Tomorrow will be my 100% admin day, when I marvel at my skills at being my own personal assistant.

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