Monday, April 27, 2009

When lost, get loster

Tam and I had a BIG day today. Whew! I can barely remember it all. I think this bench was called 'eating a biscuit together.'

We walked around the traditional Korean house district, poked into stores and galleries, and shopped at Olive Young before going for pizza. While waiting for a seat, we got a call from my dyeing teacher's place, so we went and did turmeric dyeing. I looove how the iron mordant came out.

After a chance encounter at the crosswalk w/Han-Song (the percussionist/researcher from Germany I met doing a NZ translation gig early this month), we did the requisite Insadong jaunt and drooled over things in Ssamzie Market (I have my eye on an eel skin bag) and came out into a heavy shower. We waited it out w/green tea ice cream and then went to Caffe Themselves for gorgeous cake.

Then we had bibimbap for dinner where a bunch of young teens tried to chat Tam up in English ("where are you from?" "how old are you?" "is it delicious?").

We walked it off by going to Kyobo where I got a book on Chinese characters and Tam browsed all the knitting books (she is eyeing two bags there). The day was packed, I am beat to hell, but it was great to catch up.

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