Saturday, April 18, 2009

Abort Mission Test Cram

I'm a little taken aback by how completely I am not studying for tomorrow's exam. I don't even know if I need a #2 pencil or something like that. As long as I remember my passport (unlike my trip to Jeju: totally had to run back and thought I was going to be late to the airport).

But I figured, better to spend my time doing research than cramming for a test. I went out to Gwangju, in the same province that Seoul is in, but further out in weekend traffic, to see an exhibit that was opening at the Youngeun Museum. They have an artist residency program there, w/lovely facilities, and great gallery spaces. This particular show was a mix of "old" and "new" media, specifically hanji. So I saw a big range of what Korean artists are doing with hanji, and ignored the new media stuff. I am a little worried about how the work I have been exposed to in Korea is affecting me, and how similar all the hanji work is: labor intensive. I'm wondering if this is the only way people can use hanji. I'm not sure it's necessary, seeing that the process of making hanji is so freaking labor intensive. It starts to feel like overkill. Then again, I am at that point in the night where I am panicking about being behind on my work, yet unable to see from exhaustion. Which means I'm not thinking straight.

We had great home cooking at this place WAY back on back roads. It was like just walking into someone's home, past their kitchen, to sit down for really good chicken stew and then rice porridge. Along w/a bunch of Korean pancake appetizers (one potato, one seafood). I'm super thankful to Myung Hee Oh, the professor I met before I left for Jeju with Michael and his team. She does great work with hanji, treating it like a tapestry material. She had invited us to the opening and let us tag along w/her students. Dongjae and Jimin and I debriefed over shakes and coffee and a gargantuan cheese-on-bread concoction.

Oh, right: here are the photos from today's trip.

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