Monday, December 01, 2008

A lack of?

I've been preparing my latest email blast and am realizing that I have very few photos of myself. Maybe it's something about having a big camera that makes me want to stay behind it. Also, b/c it's safe behind cameras and not so much in front of them. I remember how my sister's actor friend once said, "Aimee always sends these crazy photos of herself doing weird things." I guess I'm in a new shooting phase. Morgan just sent me some info on her latest, and I love what she's been looking at.

I managed some yoga today before rushing to tutoring, which was sad. Not just b/c the flat screen TV glass totally cracked right before our eyes (it was so weird and creepy. Black just flooded from the edges to the center and my teacher rushed to turn everything off b/c she was so freaked out. Then we heard noises and it just cracked horizontally, straight across). But b/c she said I have to start using a textbook to up my grammar level. She said she had been letting me just loosen my mouth, but now I need to be able to speak at a higher level. Ugh. I soooo hate the idea of going back to a textbook, but she's totally right. She said I have to do way more studying on my own. Also true. Also loathsome.

The good thing is that I won't have to rush to that papermill tomorrow, so I can have a fairly easygoing four-day week before going on a long weekend trip down south. If I'm really good, I'll spend the time studying Korean and ripping up hanji. If I'm not, I'll eat lots of chocolate and stay up late reading Margaret Atwood.

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