Monday, December 08, 2008

Back from snow and hot floors

"Danny Boy" played on a makeshift p'iri from Aimee Lee on Vimeo.

[He really, seriously, is playing a drinking straw with holes punched into it.] I got back this evening from a 4-day trip (3 days taken care of by ICHCAP and one on my own to visit a hanji professor). It was great fun. It's amazing how people who are complete strangers in the morning become your roommates that night and confidantes the next. I suppose that's the beauty of timed tours - you know you only have so much time together, so the befriending curve is steep. We went to two cities and it was just a huge barrage of museums, temples, lectures, presentations, eating, making food, performances, riding the bus, and so on. I could go into detail about each site visit but I really should go to bed.

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