Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I managed to pry myself from the home to trek out to the National Museum despite the icky weather. I'm really glad that I did - it was unexpectedly perfect for me. I ran through just to map it in my body so that when I go back later I know where to go. There are specific themes in my work that run on the surface and much deeper that make a lot of sense in the context of the art and artifacts that I saw today. I loved seeing the prints and maps and rubbings of inscriptions, and also all the gold ornamentation.

The sad thing is many of the things I really wanted to see were barely visible - they do super low lighting to protect the artifacts. But it makes for headaches, squinting, and feeling like I'm going blind. I kept felt like someone was trying to save on electricity even though I know it's for preservation purposes.

I got a sense again of my home - the one that exists in the future. Of all the beautiful things that I want as part of it, things like ceramics and woodwork, all done by real live people, by hand. These are water droppers, which are used in calligraphy. I love the tools in that form, and how lovely they are - simple things like brush cleaners: a fish sitting up in a shallow bowl. Just fill with water and brush against the form in the middle. Form meets function perfectly.

These are also water droppers.

And this, too.

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