Wednesday, December 17, 2008


[I am now officially Korean. This is my phone.] Onto Part II of my dreary day: I got amazing mail art! I went to the Fulbright building to pick up my business cards (again, w/a typo. It's inevitable, I fear. I should have been more adamant when I ordered them, about how I don't need them to say "Korea") and found a few books to read in the library. I'm stocking up for the winter. Then, instead of going home, I got the sudden urge to go shopping. I think this was party b/c I just wanted to hold something in my hand after seeing everything in the museum.

I got a few things and then headed home, reading while walking, w/my back killing me from the extra books and baggage.

My cousin's wife then gave me the most AMAZING toy: edamame!! You can pop out the three beans but they don't fall out due to an ingenious device. The middle one has a face on it, and there are nine different expressions - you don't know which you get until you open the package. I got the angry one. LOVE IT.

She also gave me this hilarious doll. One of a series, this one obviously being part of this year's xmas theme. I like that they're all boys, and always bottomless.

So now I've prepared two packages to mail tomorrow, and have all sorts of new shiny things admire. I've also almost finished the bar of dark chocolate that Andrea sent as my gift this year. PERFECT TIMING. Hopefully I can get over my frivolity long enough to do some homework tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious santangel boy...I love, love, love the edamame!