Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fire rising again

I was feeling this lull after the trip and wondering why I wasn't so stressed out. Of course, once I got out the door, it all started again. I went to the Fulbright office and then had to go back b/c I forgot something, did very unsuccessful shopping for my sister, and was exhausted by the time I hit the studio. I got a last-minute order in this morning and am unsure if I'm prepared for it adequately. I'm frustrated by how people don't even consider meeting me halfway (literally) when we make dates. This reminds me of how Manhattanites have a hard time leaving the island or how anyone who feels like they live in the center can't fathom edging to the periphery. Constantly feeling like I am trying too hard to take care of people at the cost of myself. The. same. old.

Tomorrow I have to make a very difficult phone call. Hopefully it won't ruin my entire day. Tonight I'll get back to my Korean notes. And enjoy the one bright side of today: JL left me a packet of dark chocolate hot cocoa mix. Time to indulge.

p.s. - the trip was good! I just can't seem to write anything interesting about it, esp after writing a 700-word essay for the group.

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