Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The calm before ... well, for now

This is a bar named after me - my English name, Koreanized (the top three characters in blue). I actually prefer my name spelled out in Korean, b/c for some reason, almost everyone in Korea spells my name incorrectly in English (they switch the "i" and the "m"). It's like a built-in dyslexia that I have no power against. To be honest, I spelled my own name wrong in Korean for the first month that I was here. This is impossible to explain w/o further linguistic detail and diagrams, so I pass.

I went today to the woman teaching me joomchi and did a ton more work. I was finally able to be honest about what my needs and goals were, so I don't need to go back, which is great, and she understands and no one was offended and no bridges were burned and I can go visit her on the island next year. Relief! Slow and steady assertiveness training. And now I can give my poor back a break - it's hours of sitting on the floor doing work that should not be done while sitting on the floor.

I still need to touch base w/the papermill to get a few more details on when exactly I'll go and where I will stay, but since now all I have to do until then is shop for gear and take Korean lessons, I have time to indulge a little. This week I want to hit a few museums I had meant to visit when I first arrived. It'll be nice to get my art / artifacts / architecture fix.

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