Thursday, December 04, 2008

The cabbage is outside

[and the paper is inside. Andong Hanji.] I'm still calm. I just did tons of hanji picking/ripping and it's pretty dreadful stuff. So is typing my transcribed notes into my computer. But as I was trying to eat seeded grapes (the fruit stand vendor told me they were seedless, I swear. Lies!), I thought, well, this is what this whole year is going to be like. Doing difficult, tedious things that hurt my eyes and my back and make me frustrated. But all for a bigger purpose down the line - the payoff comes later.

I took a short break to do instant yoga before I pack and try to cram in some more notes. I leave tomorrow morning for a 4-day trip down south - three days sponsored by the Establishment Initiative for the Intangible Heritage Centre for Asia-Pacific (under the auspices of UNESCO), and the fourth for my own research. It's going to be hella cold, which means I am not going in style but rather bundled in a huge down coat and long underwear. I'm hoping that being dressed like a normal person rather than a fashion plate won't lose me points when I meet a professor at the university that has recently started a hanji program.

If all goes well, I should be off-line the entire time. Enjoy the silent holiday!

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