Friday, December 19, 2008

Still shirking

I was one hell of a procrastinator today. It's true that you expand and contract based on the given amount of time - you do things quickly when you don't have a lot, and slowly when you have more. I love feeling like I have more time (I say "feeling like" b/c it's an illusion - soon it will all come tumbling down, but for now I'm indulging in the holiday illusion), and I actually got a decent start to a challenging app, but then got profoundly sidetracked, from about 2pm to 9pm. Plus, I was doing things like documenting my plum-flavored bubble gum and eating two breakfasts before that during "writing breaks."

I had long blog posts drafted in my head, which disappeared during my afternoon nap. I got red-bean-filled ice cream as a midday reward, but then did nothing else until I finally felt guilty enough to do half of my Korean homework. But I DID call the papermaker this morning. The housing deal is that I will live in their "box container" for the month on the premises. NO JOKE. It really is a box. Drafty, but with a heated mat on the floor I should be able to sleep. It's a box with a door, and I have to stock up on AAA batteries for my headlamp b/c there is no bathroom - I have to trek out to the outhouse in the middle of the night. Hopefully the big white dog doesn't bark at me each time. And I thought it was bad getting out from under my electric blanket in my non-heated loft in Nebraska to walk down rail-less stairs to an exposed toilet. As long as I don't fall in, I might survive the 6-day working weeks. Oh, January, you cannot come too slowly.


  1. Wow! The box sounds intense!

    Otherwise, your day sounds really nice, like you've finally learned to enjoy meandering through the day.

    LOVE the pic of you! You should make that into a new banner!

  2. l love that pic!


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