Sunday, December 28, 2008

Being a dreadful patient

I've just had a remarkably ridiculous few days that I won't even go into b/c it's so embarrassing (aka drama ridden). I've been thinking about an old friend who used to remind me that I make all my own problems and make my life harder for myself than it needs to be. Oh, wait, that would be what ALL of my friends and family tells me repeatedly. I'm not sure how to rewire myself, but I know I have to. Being a drama queen is something I should have grown out of a long time ago. My sister called from Sweden today to say hi and I recounted the events of the past 24 hours and she said, "I think that you HAVE a common sense button, but you just choose to turn it off most of the time."

I'm propped up in bed, running a fever, and bored to tears by bed rest. I've cancelled all of my engagements, but tried today to pick up books that had been at the Frankfurt Book Fair and get groceries. I don't know how I did any of it b/c my fever started to spike while out. I have a week before I move to the country, so I'm nervous about getting better in time (I can delay my arrival, but I'd rather not). I'm going to try and think about all of this as a detox - all the bad stuff can hit me now but it better go away for the new year.

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