Sunday, December 14, 2008

Slowly biting the bullet

I left a text for the papermaking son asking if I could spend a month working with his family in January. Until then, I have a LOT to wrap up, like suddenly being taken hostage by a teacher who has expectations for me that are inaccurate. I talked to my parents today, who reminded me that this is MY life and MY project, so that it's imperative that I make my own schedule, even if it means breaking it to people that I can't orbit them. The seemingly obvious revelation followed: I need to make a schedule for my remaining 6.75 months! And stop bowing and scraping.

So. I'm thinking January in the boonies, February doing a few more site visits south, and maybe a 1- or 2-week stint w/the nun? Then I'd feel better about possibly taking a trip to the Philippines to visit a papermaker in March, and more prepared to present to the other researchers in April. That leaves the rest of March and April to do final visits to any sites I haven't made it to, and then May and June to do my own studio work. I may let go of part of my project, which is finding artists who use hanji, though now that I say it out loud it seems like I shouldn't b/c that might become a much more valuable resource in the future.


  1. What's in that beautiful paper?

    Sounds like you are finally getting a grip on the situation over there! Yay! Don't forget to schedule in some downtime!

  2. it's all just paper. one fiber, from the mulberry tree. different colored paper torn up and then massaged onto a big sheet. no adhesives.


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