Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No sudden movements

I inadvertently disappeared from the world for the past few days. First, it was just forced bed rest, but after succumbing completely to the guilty pleasure of watching Grey's Anatomy online, I finally had my first extended totally solo time since I've landed here. I was so boobed out that I didn't even consider blogging or emailing. My excuse is that it's good practice: this weekend, I'm moving to a motel that has NO INTERNET. I can't really consider the repercussions of that right now b/c I'm gunning to get in more episodes before beauty sleep. I have to go pay my new year's respects w/my family to my great aunt and her husband, the former Korean prez & Nobel Peace Prize winner. I would SO rather get through Season 3.

I feel much better, though today I went outside and tried to run a zillion errands and only got so far before getting all hot and runny nosed. I picked up my mail (cards from NYC and Japan, a new issue of Hand Papermaking w/an article that Rory wrote, which includes my work, treats from JL, and a book from Frank) and rambled on and on to the last remaining staff member in the Fulbright office, which closed early today. I found a sweet little taco shop and started to feel better about where I'm living (neighborhood-wise), and then randomly ran into a guy from Manchuria that I had met last month on my cultural heritage trip. It all felt really good, besides the feverishness, and I treated myself to a bunch of mandarins since this is when they are in season and taste the best.

Oh, and I woke up today and realized it was new year's eve. WHAT?! Totally not prepared for that. Though all of today's unexpected nice encounters made me think, hey, I can do whatever the hell I want, and if that means turning back into a boob and forgoing all the other possible plans, that is great. Being all alone is GREAT.


  1. May 2009 brings you light and joy, lots of art and love

    enojoy life!!!!!


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