Sunday, November 30, 2008


[I'm cheating on the timestamp of this post to fit in just ONE more post in November.] This has been quite a month. Ants, moving, traveling constantly, having tons of people in town, losing friends, participating in malnourishment, and meeting people. I'm on every day. I thought that this weekend would be an exception but I was wrong. Today was good, though bursting at the seams (I seem to be back at my 2am to bed schedule). I went to a paper workshop that Jeong-In invited me to, and met one of her friends, and also saw my lovely roommate Boram.

[There she is, couching.] Then I did the crazy chicken holiday shopping dance, running from one place to another and back again. And then met JL for an ENORMOUS carnivorous dinner. We were ripped off b/c we were American, which is the very ugly side of being here, but were able to roll ourselves back to her Fulbright pad. Which is really nice! Good to know that Fulbright takes care of half its people. We had a good evening of swapping horror stories from both Seoul and Kingston.

I will be sad to start responsible living on my own in a month - I'm thoroughly adapted to jumping from lap to lap and though I know my lease is only for 6.5 months, that seems unnaturally long. Especially since I might end up paying double rent if I do indeed figure out a work situation w/a papermill out in the boonies. But apart from that, I'm still thankful for this . . . for this . . . for whatever I'm doing here right now. I loved talking with Katharina, who does gorgeous calligraphy and got me to speak a little French today. And then Barbara (up there, couching onto the guest book pedestal) who is a fireball of energy. She is a fantastic printmaker, and does really intriguing paper work and books as well. She seduced me and Boram into fantasies of moving to Germany. And also of getting back into the etching studio. The first fantasy conflicts w/my inability to speak German. Which is too much for me to worry about when I haven't even done my Korean homework, again.

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