Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wake up, America!!

It's the big day! Though most of the people I know are still sleeping...

They feed trees nutrients here w/IVs.

I think this week is being thrown out again - no research possible, just nail biting.

Tonight I did a couple hours of translation for my tutor, only to LOSE the whole document. AAGH. I'm not a total idiot w/computers, but exhaustion + Windows + all commands in Korean = stopping for chocolate on the way home.

One more night to wait on this end!!

p.s. - I spent a lot of time today w/my tutor freaking out about what is to come, and said if anything, the reason that Obama would be good for Korea (plenty don't think so, but I'm not talking politics) is that his name is WAY easier to pronounce in Korean: oh-bah-mah.


Unknown said...

YAY! yes we can!

aimee said...

and we DID!!!