Friday, November 07, 2008

Horror of horrors

I spent ALL DAY at home packing, b/c my worst nightmare came true: an ant colony, larvae and all, was living inside my suitcase full of clothes and other stuff.

The suitcase was on the floor w/another one on top, and it was full of my "don't need right away" stuff since I have no drawers here. But since Korean floors are heated and my winter down coat was in that suitcase, it was a nice, warm place for ants to nest. I was too busy screaming inside when I uncovered it to take pictures. My roommate vacuumed most of it up and I did two loads of laundry but I still am living in fear.

I visually inspected every single thing that I own here, threw out a bunch of stuff, and repacked reluctantly since I don't know if vacuuming and laundering is enough to get rid of them. The last thing I want to do is spread them to the next place I'm moving to tomorrow. I just feel like I'm in total cootie land and everything I touch is contaminated.

Now that I've eliminated the home, the ants that were crawling all over the wall and on the baseboards to the back of this desk are now gone. I was suspecting for a while that they were nesting somewhere in the vicinity of my luggage but I just did NOT want it to be true. I finally got out tonight - Hyesun and I tried to set up two couples but it didn't really work. Who cares, since we still had a good time. Now I'm back home feeling like ants are crawling all over me AND I just saw a mosquito. One more night, and then I'm headed south to a whole new neighborhood and totally different part of Seoul.


  1. raphael11:32 AM

    omg so sorry

  2. So sorry to hear about the ants! What is it about them that makes them so darned unstoppable?

    I hope you got them all and you're feeling better about the situation now!!


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