Friday, November 14, 2008


Today was lovely, and almost entirely improvised. I met Boram, Melissa, Ellie, and David at the Total Museum to see a James Turrell show. It's up in the hills, but I'm getting to really like hiking up the steep ones. A big change from a few months ago. Then we found out that his show actually is at three galleries in Seoul, so we hiked down to Musee Shuim, which is devoted to the way that Koreans traditionally dealt with death. It was such a gem! SO gorgeous, housed in the house of the founder, who is now 73 but started collected funerary objects when she was 20. She still lives there. It's amazing. The way they've transformed it is fantastic. I especially loved the gilded sink. The Turrell piece there was the same as the one at P.S.1, but on the ground floor in a structure built specifically for it, and with blankets so we could just lay down on the floor and stare at the sky.

Melissa then had us over to her sprawling, fancy pad w/fabulous views for quesadillas. Afterwards, I needed to drink badly so I texted Hyesun for a dinner date. It's nice to feel like there's someone that I feel comfortable with to blow off steam.

Last night on my walk home from the subway, I was thinking that I feel really unhappy and off-kilter and crazy b/c I have strayed SO FAR from my path. At least, from the original reason that I came here. So I'm hoping that once I get back on track, I'll feel better.

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