Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last installment

Technical problems. So I am going to break up my posts to at least get some of it all up. This was from the VIP dinner this week to celebrate New Zealand, especially honoring creativity (I snapped this b/c the typeface is so weird, w/the saggy "a"s).

Whirimako is a diva onstage but none of the bad attitude off of it.

Lance also had a great time; the whole visit for them was fantastic. Even though they worked really hard.

Melissa, me, Whirimako, Dion, and Lance after the dinner ended. In case you were wondering how I came to befriend Melissa: I had a fabulous intern when I worked in NYC. She eventually left to do museum management grad work in Philly and then moved west. She got me in touch w/her US friend who was in Seoul, but when I emailed her, she was already about to leave Seoul. Then she got me in touch w/her friend Melissa, who was going to be in Korea for a bit since her husband Dion was here as a NZ diplomat. They're both lovely and wildly generous.

We went to Once In a Blue Moon, a well-known jazz club in Seoul south of the river, and saw this percussionist, who is apparently a legend and has been playing for years. He was wearing a Sonny Rollins t-shirt and got on the mike to basically say all hail Obama! It was surprisingly non-smoky at the club, which was a treat. The whole night was great in that it was all things that I'd probably never ever do in my normal life. So, thanks to Melissa for inviting me to be a part of it. And giving me the itch to travel to the islands....

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