Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girls' night (and day)

I skipped trying to go to the gym today b/c I decided it would be more fulfilling to Skype Terttu instead. Then I ran to lunch w/Katherine and got good advice on research and surviving Korea. After tutoring (which I am sucking at b/c I never have time to study), I went over to Julie's place for wine with a bunch of ladies (mostly ones I met on St. Obama Day) before dinner. It was SO nice to spend an evening w/super smart and articulate women who are good storytellers and good listeners. I was excited to find that Hae-seon is also a big fan of Louise Erdrich and the book I'm reading.

Tomorrow: field work in Wonju. I'm kind of going on zero directions, which is nerve wracking. I'm relying pretty solely on cabs this time once I get off the bus. I forgot to get extra batteries for my camera. I'm feeling kind of unprepared this time around but it will be really good to get these two visits done.

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Anonymous said...

it was so much fun talking an dancing to beyonce - that video is so hot!