Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blasted days

I went to a rock concert tonight and had a strange evening with someone I was supposed to live with but am not anymore but she seems to not grasp this fact and for some reason thought that I was going to end up in her bed tonight. Long story that I won't even bother shortening b/c the whole thing made me so tired I can barely see right now. I didn't understand what she said over the phone yesterday about what we were doing tonight, but I thought it was a concert, even though I heard "park." I was right and right: a concert at the Olympic park. I was ready with earplugs. It was a tame affair, though. The 5 year olds were rocking out as I was falling asleep and being sneezed on.

So much for rest. The week is already climbing onto me and I need to figure out better survival techniques. All I want right now is to find a good cleaners and shoe repair place. After lots of sleep.

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