Monday, November 10, 2008

The talk down

Police all over. I snapped this on the bus to the mts while they were distributing lunch to each other.

This place reminded me of growing up near a park and it had SWINGS! Swings!!

Home for now is lovely, just hard to find from the subway. I spent an hour trying to get home on foot, totally disoriented and on the verge of some kind of breakdown while on the phone with Richard, who had the unfortunate task of talking me down, way down. I should have made it easier for him but I had a looot of whining to get off my chest.

It all worked out in the end and funny enough: last night I met another American artist in town briefly before he heads to Hanoi for 6 weeks as a cultural ambassador from the US. He spends a lot of time in Cuba and lives in Massachusetts, doing tons of book art. We had a great dinner and then series of dance and music performances right at the restaurant. He started to ask about my work and then we realized that he had reviewed a show that I was in last year!! Hilarious. Anyhow, I'm still way behind on sleep and homework but at least I'm showered. I had to have the "one step at a time" lecture pounded into my head last night. So the shower was number one.

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