Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The boys in class yesterday were so cute I thought I was going to die. Ellie is on the left, teaching. We went today to the spa for soaking and sauna and a scrub down. It's so nice to have that extra layer of dead skin gone for now. I set up a meeting with Steve and Myungsook Lee today, which was a total treat. She authored a big book on book arts and artists in Korea and beyond, as well as binding techniques, and gave us all these catalogs, books, and ephemera (along w/tea and sweets). SO generous, kind, and very well informed. Gorgeous studio and gallery space, too. I translated as best I could, which included an attempt at translating poetry. Whoa. Steve and I had dinner after that, and he some great insights and advice for me, so I have a new plan hatching that Richard put into my head a couple nights ago. It will be a real adventure if it works out!

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