Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Eve at Saltonstall and all is well

Everything (besides the really annoying admin loose ends that we are all frantically trying to tie up so that we can hurry up and BE here to do whatever we like) is perfect here. I drove in yesterday and it was a messy, tangled-up drive (b/c I refuse to do things like plug in the GPS, or write down directions, or pay attention, AND there was a big detour at the end), but I was still the first to arrive.

This is sunrise on the main house, which houses a fiction writer (Caron), poet (Brooke, still in transit), and photographer (Daniel). Plus common space, kitchen, dining, etc.

This is my new home and studio for the month. Ryan is downstairs. It's big and airy and there are no less than but probably more than twelve windows in my space alone, plus the glass door to the back patio. I saw bluejays this morning when I got up at 5am and out of bed at 5:30am and what a day it has been.

The huge spiderwebs in the meadow were gorgeous. I saw one and was so proud of myself but then noticed they are EVERYWHERE. Fields of webs, nearly.

And then I noticed the moon in the sky after putting my mail into the box across the road.

Here's part of my studio. I made four or five books, organized, disorganized, and hopped around a million projects. I probably undid 100 hanji cord offcuts. It was amazing to get up so early and work all morning. But then I had to do admin in the afternoon, which was not fun. I'm trying to finish some up now and took Benadryl to help w/my hay fever, but I'm still draining.

The last resident must have left this in the studio; LOVE IT. I went to town today w/Caron to run errands, get gas, change my voicemail to say, "I have no cell phone reception! Leave me alone!" and see Ithaca Falls. I'm thinking I have at least one more day of lotsa admin before I'm in the clear. It's so beautiful here and the vibe is right on, so it is painful to do the admin, but at least I reserve mornings for my work. I can't NOT make art when the birds are so chirpy. It's impossible. Also, did I say that the people are fantastic? And the food...killer. Don't be surprised if I disappear completely from bliss.


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