Saturday, August 14, 2010


I didn't quite get enough sleep after my whiny panic about my mis-dated photos for the last 6 weeks, but still made it through the first day of Shawn's workshop today pretty well. We did almost 10 sample pop-ups for our sampler, and I'm excited to have such a tidy collection by the end of tomorrow. I did have to run out to take care of various Morgan-related tasks, but mostly got all of the instruction.

I somehow managed to miss the mess of cleaning up after a massive rainstorm that flooded the basement and other portions of the building, and skipped pulling hanji b/c we are trying to figure out why I'm having such bad formation problems in specific spots. I suspect that the braces need to lay flat on the back crossbar, so there was a big debate on whether we should epoxy or glue or screw or nail. Since I was unsure that the current solution will be the solution, I stayed in a/c and re-dated photos while hanging out before a whole herd of us went to Larchmere Tavern for dinner. Hopefully tomorrow I can pull the last batch of sheets after we say goodbye to dear Shawn.

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