Saturday, August 21, 2010

The people you thank in a speech

I'm still going a million miles a minute (but stopped briefly this morning to figure out that I lost almost 10 pounds in Cleveland--shocking) and have already caught up with a bunch of people in Manhattan. Today I see Robert from Northern Ireland and also do a shoot with Stefan, which is sorely overdue. But before time all rushes forward, I wanted to send a shout-out to the people who made the hanji studio at the Morgan possible, whether through funds or time or energy or expertise or driving me around or brute force or anything else I could think of:

Anne F. Eiben
Robert M. Eiben, MD

Eleanor Anderson
Thomas Balbo
Marcus Brathwaite
Stephanie Brewer
Spencer Cowan
Melissa Jay Craig
Jim Eiben
John Entsminger
Kevin Kelley
Susan Kelley
Bo Kyung Kim
Cameron Kowall
Emma Pavlik
Andrea Peterson
Steve Prokandt
Lauren Sammon
Bruce Taylor
Jon Thompson (T&T Tools)
Tony Trausch
Robert and Susan Zimmer

46 Individual Donors (through Kickstarter) who funded my residency

Also, the Morgan did a really sweet box on their website if you scroll all the way down, showing my completed checklist for the studio. I'm hoping to get back soon!

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