Sunday, August 15, 2010

The days run into each other

I am astounded by the amount of work on my plate these days. Mind boggling. This morning, I started edits on a memo for Ben, and then rushed to class (almost leaving the house in bath slippers while making a phone call) and let everyone know that I'd be rude at some point to hang out w/JL, who was driving through on her way back to Bowling Green--we had been in Korea as Fulbright researchers together, so it was really good to catch up and compare notes on how difficult re-entry was for us, and how unexpectedly long it took for us to get into the groove back home.

We made the most brilliant sampler of pop-ups in class and even though I missed three structures while having bubble tea on the sofas outside with JL, I am still delighted with what I learned and even more happy that I got to spend the weekend with Shawn. It's always inspiring to be with someone who is super smart, capable, pulled together, articulate, and hilarious.

Though I barely had the juice left for it, I set up to pull more hanji, really bark-y stuff, but it wasn't very successful. Marcus was helping and I felt so guilty for not doing it all right b/c I was so tired. He even offered to do everything the way it should be done since he was not in a lazy mood, but I couldn't be bothered. He and Tom and I were all trying to troubleshoot some repeated holes we're getting in certain parts of the sheet but the humidity and mosquitoes were all over me. I tried a quick and dirty press and dry, but it was getting too dark to have much success.

But I was able to leave with enough daylight to find Treva's house and visit w/her lovely family for the last time--a kind of Sunday dinner tradition we had this summer. Her girls loved the pop-ups, of course. Now, back to edits.

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