Saturday, August 14, 2010

The longest day ever

It's 1am and I am trying not to cry after finding out that I had set my camera improperly and it was forward dating all of my photos since I've arrived. The worst part is that I can't do batch date changes in flickr or iphoto w/o it screwing with the times, and I like to have the time stamp accurate. So I have to manually change thousands of pictures. At least, I think it's over a thousand, since I have to do it twice. Though I may break down and just let flickr screw the dates. And since I set the camera for July in June, it is all off by a day since those two months have different amounts of days. It makes me hate my camera for randomly making me set date and time for no reason, for having a calendar that has months of different lengths, and for having names that correspond to numbers. Anyhow, I give up and will go to bed after I write this instead of manually changing photos until I really do cry. I took Tom's Iowa kozo today and did bark lace, which I should have done BEFORE my class but hey, it'll be great for the next class.

Shawn arrived, which was delightful, and we went out for a nice lunch to catch up. After I peeled off a bunch more concrete paper, he helped me beat my last batch of fiber (I hand beat in the a.m. before he arrived) while I pulled more sheets. Eventually, Marcus arrived and I had promised him a lesson, so I taught him to pull sheets. He was great! Shawn also did a little. Both of them are SO GOOD at taking direction. I am really excited about exposing these interns to hanji since this is probably the first time ever that young Americans have made hanji, in the U.S., or probably in the world for that matter. The opening started and all the guests were hovering around the vat so I was doing double duty and ended up doing a lot of talking about the process and explaining my hanji samples that were still hanging from class and not getting to eat or drink. Marcus was willing to stay late, so we went ahead and pressed and dried the paper and I gave him a brief joomchi lesson.

I'd rather do that kind of thing, one-on-one with good students, than come home late to a demanding inbox. But I guess I have to have it all.

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