Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dig and unearth

I had the perfect last outing on Friday with Jeannie and Robert. I had gone to NY Central Art Supply to talk w/the paper buyer about carrying colored hanji, and then we stopped at B&H (not the photo place) for soup at the counter. Mine was the perfect cold cucumber soup, to get us through the evening: we hit the Folk Art Museum, MOMA, and then took a couple of buses (Robert's first time on NYC buses!) to the Rubin. The exhibit of female artists at the folk art museum was very satisfying; I love going there. The Lee Bontecou show at MOMA was not what I hoped for. Then again, maybe nothing will top MCA's retrospective of her work years back. The Rubin was the biggest treat, since I still hadn't ever been, and I was happy to introduce it to Robert. We walked to Dojo afterwards for a yummy dinner, and I was thankful for Jeannie's native New Yorker tour and positive spirits. I'm hoping Robert has a safe trip back to Belfast, and then Bangor, while I pack today for tomorrow's drive to Ithaca.

Yesterday, I had dinner with Barbara, my orchestra teacher from 7th to 12th grade. We talked about all sorts of things and sat by the river while I tried to fight the exhaustion from going w/mom to the Korean sauna early in the day for a scrub and beating (aka massage). I think I'm too old for that kind of bodywork--too many things embedded deep in my body that are not going to get worked out in an hour, and that's fine. Jeannie recommended scanning this clipping about a reading group at the public library that I used to be part of. I think it's funny that most of my face is washed out. I need to pick up this book again b/c I don't remember any adventures of Little Bear.


  1. you were/are so beautiful!!! with a love of books! how amazing to have a library next door. i read little bear books endlessly to ian and hannah.

  2. yo amiee your blog is super baller, i didnt realize you are also pretty funny on paper. hope all is well, still working on some screens in the woodshop, whens the hanji class? we have like 3 weeks to finish these things

  3. i would never have turned out this way w/o the library next door! that spoiled me rotten.

    cameron, we have been over this before: FRAMES! frames! frames! :) i'll be there in a few weeks to check on your work.

  4. The Adventures of Little Bear were some of my favorite stories. He goes to the moon! He makes birthday soup! Such fun. You should read them again.


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