Wednesday, August 18, 2010

R&R (not the military kind)

I made it home yesterday without tears, or missing flights, or bad traffic, or any of that. I got up and packed, cleaned, stripped sheets, and got myself to the Morgan to draw Tom a map of a good place to get hanji in Seoul and bid farewells. And even do a tiny tutorial for Marcus about grain direction in paper and bookbinding. There was a little gift exchanging and I loved that Stephanie asked for a photo. I also left them no less than nine mix CDs, which have mostly been a big hit.

I had to say goodbye to Susie and Bob, my perfect hosts during my stay in Cleveland. I know it's ridiculous I don't have a picture with them, or even with Tom, but all four of us were out to dinner for sushi this night and it was lovely. I wish I could say I get to rest up but I'm leaving in a few hours for more meeting and greeting, which will last until I escape to a quiet residency soon. I dreamed about hanji last night, and had a delirious sleep.

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  1. Love the photo of you & Stephanie!


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