Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Concrete paper

Today I learned from yesterday's experiment and left a patch of the ramp un-papered so I could actually roll the dolly back down.

I also hand beat a bunch of dak, so I'm going to be very sore tomorrow. I pulled more hanji with the stuff I beat and it is coming out nicely. Tomorrow morning I'll press and dry, then beat and pull some more. If I have the energy to get through it all.

Today was also a miracle day: no mosquito bites! Also, the current resident artist from Kalamazoo scrubbed and oiled the Vandercook so that you can actually crank it like a normal person and not like Hercules. So, a big improvement to the print shop!

I cast this on a brick for Susan. Nanette came by to see me and get a little tour of the place and my usual mouthful on hanji; it was SO good to see her again. It's been three years and I always love seeing my former teachers. I probably won't make a trip out to Oberlin this time around, so I'm thankful that she came out to visit.

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