Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Back to work

I had a good solid night of rest and got to work, ready to fill that vat. I got a funny email about how a picture of mine from the Belfast Marathon is now part of some Belfast guide online. If you click here and mouse over "Belfast Marathon," you'll see the pic.

I wanted to be sure also to document some of Melissa's sketches that helped us figure out how to make things more easily with the materials that we have.

[This was after Tom took off his sparkly red kids' sunglasses.] I wrote up a press release for this hanji studio, since we are making history. We are! And then got Stephanie to wipe and rinse the vat before we filled it w/the mysterious pulped sheets of kozo.

There is still a lot to work out, but at least we are at this stage of working it out. I only had two interns today and wanted them to work, so no pictures yet of the actual sheet formation. I also found out that Alicia sold another one of my books, so that was good news.

I was even able to make Ben a card and a book to mail separately to Afghanistan tomorrow during my morning commute. Cameron was hard at work tooling new moulds for our million and one bamboo screens from BB&B (thanks to Melissa's detective work), and Tom came straight to us after his trip to and from Chicago in two days, just in time to receive our new gas cooking stove. Tomorrow we will find out if the thing works!

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