Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nothing ever goes as fast as I expect

So much for pulling lots of hanji today: I pressed and dried yesterday's batch. Not bad.

It was a miracle we could even dry in this humidity--I decided to give up my time and dry as much as possible on the heat dryer that is weird but works, slowly. But this meant that I could finally send off the rest of the rewards for my Kickstarter donors, so I can say that I am officially DONE with my end of the deal on that!

I tried to beat in between and later in the day had Stephanie do some more beating while I went outside to pull a bunch more concrete paper. She takes these great photos of me goofing off while working.

Tom's brother came by and had gotten him some fast food, which is SO not Tom's diet, and he tried to push fries on us. We refused but the male interns did not.

It's been busy these days with at least two guest artists, hanging the show for tomorrow's opening, pulling sheets for an order, and getting as much done as I can w/the hanji studio before I clear out of town. Tonight I went to Seoul Hot Pot for a good Korean dinner with Katie, and then saw "Love in the Afternoon" with her at Playhouse Square. In the mornings, I have been writing an article about my jiseung teacher. Tomorrow is my last day before Shawn's workshop this weekend. Eee!

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  1. looks like your newly formed hanji is on FIRE!


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