Thursday, August 05, 2010

I can't remember anything anymore

Emma cut 200 long threads and 200 shorter ones to prep for couching. These threads will part sheets. But for one-time use only (poor Emma)--that's the best we could do for now. Tom has 28 huge spools of this thread so as long as we have people willing to cut them, we're good to go.

Lynn shipped this Korean dak to me all the way from Korea last month. I started soaking it today and will see how it cooks up tomorrow.

We cooked 6 lb of Thai kozo today and got the stove REALLY dirty. But it's cooked through and through.

Cameron has been working on these moulds for days and days now and has done a great job. He's gone into super hermit-in-the-wood-shop mode, which is very good for him. I am jealous, b/c I would love to hole up in a quiet wood shop and make stuff.

Instead, I get to do touch ups and filling and scraping and sanding and routing, and then get to varnish all six of them. I ALMOST made it through the day w/o mosquito bites but got three all at once at the very end. Tom beat a bunch of kozo for me and I know that a lot of other things happened today but really all I can remember is putting my head down on a table in Tom's gallery next to the wood shop in despair about how I'm going to get all this work done in time. Tomorrow, I have to be superhuman.

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  1. what do you mean, you have to be superhuman. you ARE, aren't you!


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