Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I should take breaks and do jumping jacks

I love this picture of a picture in the hanji museum in Jeonju. Tam was just emailing me yesterday about how she feels like I am moving more towards a rural existence. Or at least away from a super urban one. I don't know why that surprised me, but then I look at this and I think, "I wish this still existed in the world." Back when everyone would get together and steam and strip bark together and there was a LOT of dak harvested and you just Work Hard.

But, of course, some conveniences of modern life I wouldn't trade for the inconveniences of yesterday. And I am Working Hard now, but in a very unsatisfying way: doing admin in front of the computer for days straight. I'm putting in the time now in hopes that I can work ahead a little, which means I ostensibly could have more time in the studio during my residency next month. I'm plugging away at:

1. a new website that I've intended to do for at least three years now, called "hanji FAQ,"
2. some kind of moving presentation (slide show, definitely, but voiceover? Not sure) about building the hanji studio at the Morgan,
3. a ton of submissions and big applications,
4. tardy correspondence with people in Korea, and the usual
5. frantic juggling of "where is my art when and how will it get to the next place on time??"

The few things I've crossed off of my list don't seem to make it any shorter, and many of these this are open-ended, making it hard to force completion. Also, so much of the work is writing intensive. I'd rather be doing cartwheels (or trying). I love writing, but I could never write full time. NEVER.


  1. i remember after moving to the north country learning to work hard. it was such a big deal. i never worked like that before. that even slow seeming pace for hours and hours. and good sleep after.

  2. oh, and love the pic!


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