Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forever and ever

If only! I just spent the morning doing website updates, which always leads to small crises of identity, or at least doubts about how I am presenting myself to the world. I finally updated my statement, which was a year overdue. There is a whole new section on joomchi, which includes work from the not-too-distant past that was never properly photographed until now. Stefan reassured me that I am not his most difficult client, but even I was surprised by how NOT straightforward it is to shoot a roll of paper art. I kept asking for back and front lighting, and he'd say, "You're trying to show two completely different things," and I'd be like, "Why can't I have it all?" Even though it's a drag to light each one, since each requires a different amount of transparency vs surface texture and color, you can definitely tell which ones were shot as floaters.

We also shot the piece going to Cleveland for the Morgan's Open House silent auction on Oct 2, an old favorite from last year's touring circuit, and the tiny book I made with Chela's text and images. I also have a new site in the works that I started this weekend, but that's under wraps until it's further along.

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