Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Like running with cars

I am still way behind on sleep but managed to start writing that article this morning and then had an amazing lunch with Becca and her team. I met her over 10 years ago when I worked in symphony administration, and knew her as an executive headhunter. Turns out that she also is a fiber artist and runs a whole other amazing business. I walked into the office and saw all these fiber pieces, knitting at the cubicles, and knits and yarns all over the place. Then she took me to their warehouse area and it was like a whole other magical world. I can't even explain how amazing it was to look at needlepoint letters, thinking about how I am printing wood type onto knitted paper...I am only sorry I didn't find all of this out earlier b/c she works only a few blocks from where I live right now!

Then I came home and finally got the pictures from my workshop online, and then rushed to work very late. The pulp is already starting to turn in this miserable summer weather, so I tried to pull a bunch of sheets small and thick out on the ramp near the garden to get it dry. But I fear they will stick to the concrete. I shall find out tomorrow. A mosquito bit my neck and then Susan took me out with her husband, John, and Tony to Korea House for a wonderful Korean dinner. Life continues to overflow here.


  1. YAY! Great photos! Thanks!

  2. love the photos, blog post photo is so urban...and wonderful.


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