Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bursts of energy on a sluggish day

Yesterday, I finally finished the things I meant to finish for the Morgan. Not only these hanji sample books, but the slideshow w/a voiceover that I spent hours fixing last night. I really hate editing, and sound editing is NOT my forte, so it has funny moments but that's as much as I can handle for now. I may...upload it for the general public, but not quite yet. I had wanted to subtitle it the way I do all my other videos, but I am so rambly that it's better just to look at the pictures.

I ALSO got up this morning at 6am and put in an online print order to pick up in town so I could finally assemble a second copy of the book I made out of an essay and photos by Jami. It is a great package but I wish I had better everything on my end to make it really tight. Someday, I will.

I was completely useless this morning and after a while, called today a dud. I tried to nap in my bed to no avail, so I took my Alice Walker book and glass of water to the main house and successfully napped TWICE on the big green sofa there. And of course ate lots more food. I modeled briefly for Daniel in the wrong light and that was a nice way to feel useful. At some point, I snipped all of the big messy ends of this piece.

And they ended up like this. I'm still not convinced. I'm hoping I'll slog through all the remnants and reworking of old work thru the weekend and then start fresh next week. I also went into town again today for more errands (I need serious antihistamines here) and feel a little more calm than earlier today--still low energy, but not cranky about it.

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  1. sounds like you're being human today!!!i'm glad you and alice spent some time together.


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