Saturday, September 25, 2010

My hands are tired

I was thinking today about a scene in Korea when some man noted how strong my hands were. I can't remember how he knew this, but I was probably doing something that tipped him off, like weaving. I scurried to the Ithaca Farmers Market this morning when I knew I needed to give my hands a break. It was lovely and I indulged in things that smell heavenly. I tried to take pictures of the gorgeous drop and scenery on the drive home but failed miserably. I don't know how drivers take pictures while driving without the driving or shooting suffering considerably.

I sewed these up yesterday morning. Still waiting to see what the content will be but at least it's an edition of four! It took me an entire day just to weave covers for three of them. I sat outside for a while today to weave, just to get outdoors, but it was too cold to stay out for long. I also had a very deep nap that clued me into how tired I was. Then I had a fantastic hike on the blue trail (I always take the red trail b/c I can't navigate through open meadow--no blue blazes!!) and enjoyed myself thoroughly. The temperature had dropped and the foliage is reckless in how quickly and beautifully it is changing. Later, Caron and I hung out with Judy, who does amazing animal noises (tree frogs, foxes, turkey vultures, raccoons, and more!) and then went for a walk on the road. Ryan passed us on his bike and the she broke off for a run. I turned back and then Brooke passed me on her run, and I picked up rubbing compound from Joe and it worked like a charm! We all showered and had staggered dinner. Caron and I had our usual Saturday soup and extras (she does soup, I do extras) and now we are ALL hard at work preparing for tomorrow's open studio.

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  1. Have a great time at the open studios. Those books are delicious!


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