Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just now, for a moment

I still woke up upset and funky so I tried to escape by going to the wildflower gardens and arboretum of the Cornell Plantations but I didn't last long b/c I had to pee and was too tired and cranky to 1. find a good facility and 2. use a porta potty. There was lots of morning pretty, though.

I drove past Flat Rock not quite knowing what to look for or how to get there but then I had a great visit with Judy and got the scoop on a few places in case I need more getaways in the coming week.

I tried to hike off the grouchies but it was hot and still and buggy in the woods so that didn't work. I DID weave a bunch today as well as yesterday and don't have much to show for it but hopefully the books will all come together before I'm done here. Though I'm itching to work on the huge hanji project I had in mind, too.

Oh, and cochineal dye has been neglected and probably the vat has been contaminated by my sloppiness/fear of hard water in rinsing. So I'm not sure yet how I feel about these tests, half cochineal, half persimmon. Maybe if I mix dyes the result will be more satisfying? Dunno. But I finally got the worst of the worst out and will just keep on weaving tonight. And I'll look for the full moon, which is rising, and I saw it for an instant before the clouds ate it again.

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  1. "nothing much to show for it"-are you kidding? these are great. and the dyeing, if your water is *wrong* let the *wrongness* be a new mordanting procedure.


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