Monday, September 27, 2010

Rain and sauna

This is a very satisfying stack of books. I have to tie them up or they spring open and are very unruly. But I'm SO glad that they're all bound. The content is still a mystery for all six of them but I'll deal with that later. The on the on the very top is a 3-in-1 book.

I made this edition of two books from concrete paper I made in Cleveland this summer. I had been on the fence about doing it and then last night I just cut down all the paper for it. This morning, before my massage, I sewed them up, and afterwards did the glue and text and so on. They're very satisfying, too, and I am so glad that I finally found a use for this paper.

The massage was lovely. It's been a low-key day in that I haven't exercised, ate too much rich food, and napped. But I also did my best in facing an old demon, printed Robert Motherwell images onto hanji, and let the ideas fly. Just a couple more days, so we're all hunkering down in our studios.

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