Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Snail-slow goal reaching

I felt horrible this morning (a cold? allergies?) but got up at 6:30am and was entranced by the thick mist and fog that covered everything and made all of the huge spider webs jump out. I tried to steam milkweed to strip today but the burner I borrowed from Ryan doesn't get it hot enough. I will have to trim them all and try them in the kitchen on a gas flame and do intense babysitting.

I would have done it today, but I had a date to visit the lovely Wells College Book Arts Center. Nancy Gil gave me a tour and I was so impressed by how clean and tidy and organized everything is. The shiniest printshop I've seen to date, I think. This is b/c they have Michael Bixler teaching letterpress.

He made this vat that has been stored in the greenhouse. The craftsmanship is amazing. He also gave me pointers on how to make an even better vat than the one I did in Cleveland this summer. He said the first time is for mistakes and learning, and the second time things always turn out better. I'm going to go up with his class next week to visit his studio in Skaneateles, which I've been wanting to do for months.

Students learn calligraphy here! The teacher comes once a week all the way from Rochester. Walking into the classroom is like a dream, all these drafting tables and all this huge lettering on the board. I got to go home w/three broadsides, too.

The drive was gorgeous even though I got mixed up at the end on the way home. I realize my weakness now as a driver: I get sleepy and zoned out. The car is a great daydreaming vehicle for me. I have to do something to stop doing that. For now, I'm going to just lay down to nap before dinner and before the great milkweed steaming redux.

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  1. oh, you got to wells and the wonderful nancy and michael!
    at dinner, actually while i was cooking my black beans, i was also cooking daylilies. a kinda yucky smell, but i ate on the porch.
    beer helps allergies.


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