Saturday, September 18, 2010

In search of a good gorge

I hadn't seen a gorge yet in Ithaca, which is kind of hard to do, so I was determined to see one today. I tried first to see one downtown but the entrance I tried was closed and I hadn't written down the other one, so I headed to the Robert Treman State Park, which Daniel had recommended.

I did the full 4.5-mile hike one way and back, mostly on the gorge trail. I had wanted to do the rim trail but couldn't expend the energy at the start to figure out where it started. Thank goodness, b/c I might have fallen dead on it since I'm not in great shape and was sore from last night's hike. But I'm so glad I went.

[This is obviously a Melissa photo, but none of them turned out quite in focus. I was squatting to shoot and heard kids behind me, one saying, "Hey! There's your photo!" and then when I turned around, a tiny blonde girl in glasses was behind me w/camera in hand.] Every time I climbed steps, I would think of how grateful I was to the people who work for the park who installed them, even though they were arduous. That was my mantra for today: I am grateful. Amidst all of the other head noise (which is even louder when spending two hours in the woods), I thought about how lucky I have been with my lot and how to balance the guilt I have about that luck with work.

Lots of food for thought all around. And milkweed paper! Today after the hike, I got home and had a huge lunch and then collapsed into a nap. After I woke up and tried to remember where I was, I decided I HAD to cook my cochineal today or I'd never do it. I had gotten distilled water on the way to the park, so I started the cook and then was horrified b/c I had forgotten about the acrid smell. Ryan scolded me but helped strategically place a fan so most of the odor departed.

Also, I heard that the paper show in NYC that opened yesterday went well. Maria (who has returned from her own very successful western tour for her performance project) attended and sent a super photo of her and Grace in front of my big piece. You can guess which two are mine in this batch of pics. I better get to the kitchen and help w/dinner prep now or be forever banished!

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mjc said...

How did I miss seeing that fantastic fungus foto till now? Wow!