Friday, September 17, 2010

Late night woods

Today's batch of milkweed was more challenging since I had overcooked it and it didn't cook down properly. It was clogging a lot in the blender and I had to take a break after the first batch, try to do other things, shower, eat lunch, and take a nap before I tried again. Which is great, b/c it means I learned from the last debacle: stop and get distance when cranky and tired and frustrated and overwhelmed.

I was able to figure out a better way of trimming the rest of the fiber (knife, not scissors) and then made the rest of the sheets before dinner, over 80. Caron came over and made a sheet, too, which was fun. After dinner, I ironed the rest of my paper and was going to tackle more of the mess I have sprawled all over the studio (I dunked gourds in persimmon juice today), but then heard Brooke and Caron downstairs in Ryan's studio.

[Kitchen banter on the milkweed pot.] They wanted to do a nighttime hike thru the woods, so we geared up for the chill and dew and I was so thankful that I had a headlamp (on one of my first residencies, two other artists had them and I was so jealous that I asked for one for Christmas). And also for the company and exercise and nature and fresh air and all that. Being here is wonderful.

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  1. green milkweed. i have got to get some made! i though i would do it today, but i'm tired after a day working in pulp altered by students. (hooligand coming tuesday to make paper).


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