Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, sunny Monday

This morning was a bit of a struggle but my daily walk to the mailbox was breathtaking. Once the cleaning service pulled in, I rushed to grab Brooke and drive away, to the post office (this is the one I go to b/c it's close and does the job. Plus they have the best array of stamps). We tried to find a gorge off of Route 79 but failed miserably. Though the walk was nice.

This book was all fits and starts today but I finally finished this afternoon. Just in time for

Red meat by Ryan! Yu-um. We felt like superheroes afterwards. This is what happens when you are not a vegetarian but are fed vegetarian meals.

I've been thinking a lot (and doing a fair share of agonizing) about luck, the randomness of the lives we are born into, family, gratitude, guilt, and my trajectory. While walking with Brooke, I finally verbalized what people are trying to hammer into my head these days: the way to repay generosity is to work my ass off. The way to honor my gifts is to USE them. I saw the sun coming into my paper recycling bag and thought about how I try to make every studio I inhabit a beautiful, open place, and that maybe I finally have gotten to that place I imagined in my head when I first started to commit to my artwork. The place where I have a studio that I love to work in and greet every morning, a place for magic.

It's funny how those things creep up on you. Becoming something you never though you could be. I know I'll never be a master dyer, though! These are from fooling around w/cochineal. It brings out all the secrets in the cords--suddenly you can see which batch was what paper, and how tight you corded. One jiseung book is bound as of today but the other is still a long ways away. Which makes sense, since I'm being pulled in a million directions so it's hard to just sit and weave continuously. In fact, I think it's high time for a nap.

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Velma Bolyard said...

abundance and the black book.