Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skinny atlas

Today's big field trip was a drive north with Caron to the Bixler press and foundry. Hot metal type!

We were guests of the letterpress class at Wells, and I'm not quite sure that these undergrads understand how AMAZING it is to have this opportunity in college. Or ever, for that matter.

While the students were picking ornaments that Michael cast for them to take home, Caron and I peeked at the amazing books that he had pulled out, like a letterpressed edition of Ulysses and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

[Molten metal! It's spurting out of that little thing sticking out--I know, I have no vocab for this shop.] I left a couple samples of hanji for them--one from my teacher in Korea and one from Cleveland. We got to meet a few of the championship dogs, too. Then we drove to the village and walked around and got to see the gorgeous Skaneateles Lake. I treated myself to potato chips and chocolate and the drive was mostly pretty.

I love this quote and also love that I got to see Ruskin's home back in the UK this spring. I kept looking at the knives on the roll for Michael's new hollander beater...it is going to be a beauty. Oh, and via Velma, a nice slide show in Michael's own words about what he does is here.

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  1. i'm soo glad you got to go! i feel like i'd love to spend a month in there, just exploring!


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